pysam: htslib interface for python

Author:Andreas Heger, Kevin Jacobs and contributors
Date:Apr 01, 2023

Pysam is a python module for reading, manipulating and writing genomic data sets.

Pysam is a wrapper of the htslib C-API and provides facilities to read and write SAM/BAM/VCF/BCF/BED/GFF/GTF/FASTA/FASTQ files as well as access to the command line functionality of the samtools and bcftools packages. The module supports compression and random access through indexing.

This module provides a low-level wrapper around the htslib C-API as using cython and a high-level, pythonic API for convenient access to the data within genomic file formats.

The current version wraps htslib-1.17, samtools-1.17, and bcftools-1.17.

To install the latest release, type:

pip install pysam

See the Installation notes for details.


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